Curricular design

The Bachelor’s degree course comprises 6 semesters. Students have the opportunity to gain special knowledge in an optional-compulsory module complex during their 4th and 5th semester, according to their inclinations. The following modules are available for selection:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Surface technology

In the 6th semester the Bachelor project takes place, which includes the practice-module and the Bachelor’s thesis.

Course guidance

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Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
Frank Köster
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Gerhard-Neumann Bau, Raum 5-313A

Curricular design

The Bachelor of engineering is a first vocational-qualifying degree to enter the professional life in engineering. It offers the opportunity for manifold orientation within the operational areas of a company on the one hand and for further personal qualification on the other hand.

During the course of study, general knowledge in engineering is imparted and subject-specific competencies and skills are developed, in particular in the target-oriented, mathematic-scientifically based, experimentally investigated und by CAD- and CAE-tools supported engineering work. In the consecutive degree course Master of Engineering or Master of Science Industrial Management, this acquired expertise can be subsequently deepened at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences.