Objectives of study

Course guidance

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Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
Frank Köster
+49 3727 581532

Gerhard-Neumann Bau, Raum 5-313A

The aim of training is a Bachelor of engineering in general mechanical engineering who is able to solve versatile tasks in the fields of construction and the manufacturing and materials technology, and who can also integrate engineering, economic and environmental aspects in his activities. Profound knowledge in mathematic-scientific and technological specialist areas, a wide range of engineering knowledge and modern tools and techniques of computer science enable him to operate in many areas of plant engineering and construction. It is there, where he also develops creative solutions in construction and manufacturing of components, devices and systems as well as in the application of procedures of the surface and materials engineering. The practical, application-oriented and interdisciplinary training, as well as own projects, research papers and lectures, prompt individual work and form the basis for rapid integration into corporate structures and action sequences.