Dual Studies in Mechatronics

Faculty Engineering Sciences
Course of studies Mechatronics - Dual Studies
Degree Bachelor
Academic degree Facharbeiter für Mechatronik (IHK) und Bachelor of Engineering
Start WS
Regular study period 9 Semesters
Further qualification Mechatronics (Dipl.-Ing. (FH))
Mechatronics (M.Eng.)
Category Engineering Sciences
Study fields Automobil
Type of study full-time studies
integrated degree program
Description with Bildungs-Werkstatt gGmbH Chemnitz
Admission restriction No
Tuition No
Credits 180
Accredited Yes
Application portal International Office
ResponsibleFaculty Mechanical Engineering
Directions of studiesNone
DegreeSkilled mechatronics worker and Bachelor of Engineering

4,5 years

Further qualificationsMaster of Engineering Maschinenbau
4 semesters
Studienbeginn/Studienformwinter semester/full time studies
Entrance limitationsNo
Accredited Yes

The increasing penetration of technical products with elements of electronics and informatics led to the emergence of a new, interdisciplinary engineering science, called ‘Mechatronics’.

  • Mechatronics ties the three classical disciplines Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering/Electronics and Informatics.
  • Aim is the increase of functionality of technical systems (mechanical basic system with processors, sensors and actuators)
  • Requirements for this view are new perspectives and holistic, spatial and functional approaches.

Occupational fields

Due to the interdisciplinary tuition and the resulting specific knowledge in the areas of mechanical engineering, information technology/electronics and informatics, graduates of the degree courses ‘Mechatronics’ are provided with a broad range of application, such as in

  • Industrial enterprises of the metal and electrical industry, mechanical and plant engineering as well as the automotive industry
  • Engineering consultancies, research institutions, associations for technical inspections, employer's liability insurance associations, public service or freelance work.

Objectives of study

Aim of the study is to spawn an application-oriented Bachelor of Mechatronics who is able to solve the multiple tasks in the fields of construction, simulation, and optimization as well as the use of mechatronic systems. During tuition, the development of skills for the holistic view of mechatronic systems is in the main focus. Students will also be enabled to integrate economic, ecological and aspects of quality assurance in their work.

Curricular design

The course of study is made up of 9 semesters. The mediation of study content, occupation-related theoretical knowledge and occupation-practical skills is modularized effected at the settings university, enterprise, educational institution (BWC) and by use of e-learning. By close interlocking between theoretical and practical tuition, block synergies in the penetration of the specialist area are purposefully achieved. This enables, by use of equivalences between tuition aspects in vocational education and studies, a reduction of time for the knowledge transfer.

In the first two semesters, and accompanied by periods of on-the-job training in enterprises, typical basic subjects of engineering studies are imparted at the university.

The 3rd and 4th semester is used for the vocational basic education in enterprises as well as at Bildungs-Werkstatt Chemnitz (BWC). Complemented by additional modules for the attainment of key qualifications and a stay abroad, this part of the training finishes by sitting an IHK intermediate examination.

In the 5th semester, the theoretical training at the university is continued by the transfer of knowledge of management and specialist basic modules. Main focus of the 6th semester is to continue the vocational training (enterprise and BWC) involving further additional qualifications/stay abroads. It finishes by taking the IHK-examination ‘Facharbeiter für Mechatronik’.

The 7th and 8th semesters serve the continuation of subject-specific basic training on academic level, accompanied by a selective deepening of specific technical profiles. By use of the knowledge gained in the vocational training and its practical fostering, first and foremost the mathematic-physical competencies, acquired in previous terms, are deepened.

The period of study in the 9th semester is dedicated to working on a business project and writing the Bachelor’s thesis. The assignment of task is allocated in consultation with the university. Professional support and attendance is provided by the university.


Minimum unit for studying in each course of study is the seminar group. For students in the cooperative course of studies, one seminar group will be established. Seminar groups are centralized only in lectures, while seminars only take place in the framework of their individual number of students. Internships and laboratory tutorials in all technical disciplines are performed in small groups, depending on task and number of available seats. This ensures that the students themselves can become active while working on their laboratory works. There is a close contact between the faculty and students. Lectures, seminars and internships can be found in the individual modules, which contain 5 credits each and which will be completed at the end of the semester by sitting for a module examination.

Admission requirements

Take up studies for the cooperative Bachelor’s degree course Bachelor of Mechatronics at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences can applicants who possess

  • a General qualification for university entrance or
  • a subject-related university entrance qualification or
  • an Advanced Technical College Certificate
  • an admission authorization which is recognized as equivalent by a public authority.


Applications are to be sent directly to Bildungs-Werkstatt Chemnitz which go between and place contacts to companies that take on trainees. After the conclusion of a training contract, enrolment for the cooperative course of studies at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences will be effected.