InnArbeit - Zentrum für innovative Arbeitsplanung und Arbeitswissenschaft

InnArbeit - Centre for innovative Process Planning and Ergonomics)

House 30 - Lutherstraße 1a ground plan



Room 30-09

Test stands to

  • measure of the lighting
  • measure of the noise and sound
  • measure of climatic parameter
  • measure of human oscillations
Process Planning and Ergomomics
Room 30-08

Test stands to

  • creating of process plans
  • REFA-time economy
  • sizing and evaluating from times of presence
  • ergonomic design of workplaces
  • assembly of gears
  • multimedia-based process planning 
Virtual Reality
Room 30-07
  • Virtual design of products and processes
  • Mobile stereo projection system with tracking and sound



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Our practical courses take place in the following laboratories:

Maschinenbaulaboratorium Gerhard-Neumann-Bau

House 5 Lessingstraße 



Room 5-130 B

PC-Pool with 21 Personal Computer

  • computer-aided factory planning (CAFP)
  • computer-aided process planning (CAP)
  • production planning and control (PPC)
  • didactical network, date projector

Training Plant
Room 5-129 B

Flexible Manufacturing System

  • main control station (cell control)
  • tool machines (sawing machine, cnc-turning machine, cnc-milling machine)
  • store with shelf control device
  • conveyor system
  • Roboter

Flexible Assembly System
Room 5-229 B

Flexible Assembly System

  • three workplace and one control place
  • automatical conveyor system with PLC
  • multimedia-based instruction



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