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Mechanical Engineering, Master of Engineering

The activities of mechanical engineers are among the fundamental operational fields of engineering. Typical products of mechanical engineering are machinery and components of handling and processing, numerically controlled machine tools, robots and tools. Their development and application place high demands on technical know-how and skills. Solid knowledge in mathematic-scientific and technical fields enable graduates, by use of modern tools and methods of computer science, to carry out engineering work in the development of machinery and equipment.

Occupational fields

Due to the interdisciplinary training and acquired skills in the field of mechanical engineering, a broad range of applications opens up to graduates in construction and design of products, manufacturing processes and concepts, as well as in research.

Objectives of study

The degree course Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering is designed to enable graduates

  • to analyze complex problems in different fields of mechanical engineering critically and professionally,
  • to apply scientific methods in the development of technical systems and
  • to provide technical solutions with high professional competence.

During the whole studies we are focussing  on independent scientific work, a holistic treatment of technical problems from the viewpoint of construction, manufacturing technology and organization, as well as the use of modern CAD- and CAE-techniques.

Curricular design

Being a consecutive course of studies, the degree course Master of Engineering builds on knowledge, skills and competencies provided in the degree course Bachelor of Engineering. We correspond to the performance profile of the graduate and pay high attention to a complex approach in the handling of problems.

  • Specific mathematic-scientific knowledge,
  • engineering knowledge and skills
  • high technical expertise in all three classical disciplines of mechanical engineering – materials, design and manufacture

are developed equally.

Since it is essential, at the same time, to consider and cover technological problems holistically, training is consciously not divided into optional or compulsory optional modules.

Particularities of the Master’s degree course

The Master’s degree course is aligned internationally. When graduating in Mittweida as a Master of Mechanical Engineering, there is the opportunity, due to cooperation with Paisley University, Scotland, to simultaneously acquire the Master’s degrees Master in Computer Aided Engineering with Analysis or Master in Computer Aided Engineering with Manufacturing from Paisley University.

Furthermore, graduates obtain access to careers in higher service.

Admission requirements

Information about admission, German language courses, costs of living as well as the application form are available at our web page: www.ausland.hs-mittweida.de.

The Master’s degree course Mechanical Engineering is a consecutive degree course.

Take up studies at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences can applicants who possesses a first higher education degree in Mechanical Engineering or who can prove a relevant engineering degree or an equivalent entrance qualification recognized by a legal provision or an admission authorization which is recognized as equivalent by a public authority.

For the Master’s degree course Mechanical Engineering, engineering practice of at least eight weeks has to be proved.

Applications for this programme may be submitted through the International Office.


Information about admission, German language courses , costs of living as well as the application form are available at our web page: 

Applications for this programme may be submitted through the International Office.

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Deadline for Applications: 15th May