Digital Product Development

Specialisation in the Bachelor's degree programme in Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Engineering Sciences
Course of studies Digital product development - specialization
Degree Bachelor
Academic degree Bachelor of Engineering
Start Winter semester
Regular study period 6 Semesters
Further qualification Mechanical Engineering (Dipl.-Ing. (FH))
Mechanical Engineering (M.Eng.)
Category Engineering Sciences
Type of study full-time studies
Course language german
Description Specialization in the bachelor's degree program in mechanical engineering
Admission restriction No
Tuition No
Credits 180
Accredited Yes  /  Information on accreditation
Application portal Online application


Drawing tables? Yesterday's news. CAx technologies determine the future of mechanical engineering - and your studies.

Digital product development focuses on the techniques that are rapidly changing mechanical engineering: Computer-aided Design, Computer-aided Engineering, and other computer-aided techniques are changing development and construction as we have known it up to now.

It is not just a matter of replacing classical methods by developing products on the computer. The computer-aided methods help to make machines and plants more resource-efficient and smarter, because every conceivable load can be simulated and errors avoided.

Modelling, calculating, simulating - you will learn how to do all this perfectly for gearboxes, assemblies and entire machines if you choose Digital Product Development in the Mechanical Engineering degree programme at Mittweida University.

Career prospects

Making things work - worldwide.

What will mechanical engineering look like in 40 years? One thing is certain: The knowledge and experience of German industry will be in demand. Today, Germany is the world's third-largest producer of machinery, the industry is one of the most innovative in the country, and engineers trained in Germany are in demand all over the world.

Why is this important? As a development or design engineer, you not only have a secure job, but you also influence development. You accompany the entire development of new products and always face new challenges. Creativity and craftsmanship are equally in demand: You develop prototypes from your own concepts for new products together with other development engineers and bring them to market maturity. As a design engineer, you support the developers and coordinate the entire production process, from financing to scheduling. In short: You make things work.

In Germany alone, more than 6,500 companies are vying for your services. Computer-aided design and development are new. From the automotive industry to the supplier industry and medical technology to specialised engineering offices, all sectors of industry are looking for development engineers who have mastered CAx technologies. You will gain exactly this special knowledge during your Bachelor's degree programme at Mittweida University and also be able to refine it here with a Master's degree.


If you want to get hands-on instead of just cramming theory, you've come to the right place.

The University of Applied Sciences Mittweida cannot be compared to a university in a big city. Here you will find optimal conditions to concentrate on your studies. Instead of cramming theory with hundreds of fellow students in large lecture halls, you work in small groups at Mittweida. This makes learning more intensive - especially since the rents are so cheap that most students don't need a part-time job and you have more time to study.

For over 150 years, the focus of a degree programme in Mittweida has been on acquiring knowledge that is relevant to practice. For Digital Product Development, this means that in the first semesters you will build a foundation in technical and scientific basics before concentrating on product development and CAx techniques from the fourth semester onwards.

However, if you find that another specializsation interests you more, that's no problem. In addition to digital product development, there are three other specialisations in our mechanical engineering degree programme: Laser & Surface Technology, Resource Efficient Manufacturing Technology, and Micromobility. Regardless of which one you ultimately choose, you will be optimally prepared for your professional life through numerous projects and internships, and you will be supported by our professors who have industry experience and are easy to contact.

Application and admission


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  • with an advanced technical college certificate.

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