Specialisation in the Bachelor's degree programme in Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Engineering Sciences
Course of studies Micromobility - specialization
Degree Bachelor
Academic degree Bachelor of Engineering
Start Winter semester
Regular study period 6 Semesters
Further qualification Mechanical Engineering (Dipl.-Ing. (FH))
Mechanical Engineering (M.Eng.)
Category Engineering Sciences
Type of study full-time studies
Course language german
Description Specialization in the bachelor's degree program in mechanical engineering
Admission restriction No
Tuition No
Credits 180
Accredited Yes  /  Information on accreditation
Application portal Online application

Career prospects

The change in individual mobility is coming. Use it to your advantage!

There is currently one big pressing issue: Electric scooters, bicycles, and hoverboards need to be developed and improved quickly. More comfort, longer ranges, more power for less sweaty clothes when reaching the destination. More charging points, a new infrastructure for the mobility of the future. Entirely new concepts that no one has thought of yet. All of this needs new, fresh minds with expertise and innovative ideas.

Cities like Paris and Barcelona have already started to design streets and squares so that bicycles and e-scooters become the preferred means of transport. Even the big car companies are getting more and more involved with micromobility, because they have realised that people increasingly want to move in an environmentally responsible way instead of being stuck in traffic jams or overcrowded buses and trains.

For young engineers who want to make a difference and do things better, the change in mobility is a huge opportunity. Manufacturers of micromobility applications, as well as the supplier industry and municipalities, are already desperately looking for academic specialists who can tackle, shape and accompany the change. After your studies in Mittweida, you will work as a development or test engineer to solve range, safety, and charging problems.


Study the mobility of tomorrow today - under the best conditions.

If you like to fight for seats in a lecture hall with hundreds of students, you're in the wrong place here. In Mittweida you study in small groups, so it's easier for you to ask your professors questions and you get more intensive support than at a university in a big city. On the subject of big cities: Rents in Mittweida are cheap. Instead of working a side job, you can invest your time in your studies or drop by the student club or go to a house party.

With the micromobility specialisation, you will learn about all aspects of development and use in the mechanical engineering degree programme from the fourth semester onwards. Beforehand, you will have laid the technical and scientific foundations, whereby you will receive help from students in higher semesters in tutorials. If you end up deciding that you would rather choose one of the other three specialisations, no problem! The first semesters are likewise an orientation phase.

Your studies also thrive from the insider knowledge of our professors. They research new drive solutions, experiment with innovative vehicle concepts, and work with modern lightweight materials. This connection to practice has shaped the studies in Mittweida for over 150 years. Instead of just cramming theory, you get hands-on. In this way, you gain experience that is an advantage when starting your career. In modern laboratories, for example, you put parts, assemblies and entire vehicles through their stages and thus bring your theoretical knowledge to life.

Application and admission


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