Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering

Faculty Engineering Sciences
Course of studies Mechanical Engineering
Degree Bachelor
Academic degree Bachelor of Engineering
Start WS
Regular study period 6 Semesters
Further qualification Mechanical Engineering (Dipl.-Ing. (FH))
Mechanical Engineering (M.Eng.)
Category Engineering Sciences
Study fields Werkstoff- und Oberflächentechnik
Type of study full-time studies
Admission restriction No
Tuition No
Credits 180
Accredited Yes  / certificate
Application portal International Office
ResponsibleFaculty Mechanical Engineering
Study fieldsConstruction
Production Engineering
Materials and Surface Engineering
DegreeIndustrial mechanic and Bachelor of Engineering
Duration4 years
Further qualificationMaster of Engineering
4 semesters
Postgraduate Course to Diploma Engineer(FH)
2 semesters
Start/Type of studieswinter semester/full time studies
Entrance limitationsNo
AccreditedYes, certifcate

Admission requirements & Application

Information about admission, German language courses , costs of living as well as the application form are available at our web page: Application instructions for international applicants

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Application deadline for the winter semester is May 15. We accept also later applications if there are free places and if, based on our experience, there is a chance for the applicant to to arrive on time for the studies. 


The activities of a mechanical engineer are among the essential fields of work in engineering sciences. Typical products of mechanical engineering are machinery and components of the loading and processing, numerically controlled machine tools, appliances, robots and tools. Their development and application place high demands on technical knowledge and skills.

Solid knowledge in mathematics and science and technical fields enable mechanical engineers, by using modern tools and methods of computer science, to creative solutions in design and manufacturing of components, machinery and equipment as well as in the application of methods of surface and materials engineering.

Occupational fields

Due to the interdisciplinary training and special skills according to the chosen main subject of study, a broad area of application is offered to graduates regarding engineering, design and manufacturing as well as in terms of specific areas such as quality assurance, materials and surface engineering, environmental protection, marketing, and freelance activity.

Objectives of study

Labor CNC Technik
CNC Technique

The aim of training is a Bachelor of engineering in general mechanical engineering who is able to solve versatile tasks in the fields of construction and the manufacturing and materials technology, and who can also integrate engineering, economic and environmental aspects in his activities. Profound knowledge in mathematic-scientific and technological specialist areas, a wide range of engineering knowledge and modern tools and techniques of computer science enable him to operate in many areas of plant engineering and construction. It is there, where he also develops creative solutions in construction and manufacturing of components, devices and systems as well as in the application of procedures of the surface and materials engineering. The practical, application-oriented and interdisciplinary training, as well as own projects, research papers and lectures, prompt individual work and form the basis for rapid integration into corporate structures and action sequences.

Curricular design

electronic microscope
CAD laboratory

The Bachelor of engineering is a first vocational-qualifying degree to enter the professional life in engineering. It offers the opportunity for manifold orientation within the operational areas of a company on the one hand and for further personal qualification on the other hand.

During the course of study, general knowledge in engineering is imparted and subject-specific competencies and skills are developed, in particular in the target-oriented, mathematic-scientifically based, experimentally investigated und by CAD- and CAE-tools supported engineering work. In the consecutive degree course Master of Engineering or Master of Science Industrial Management, this acquired expertise can be subsequently deepened at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences.

electronic microscope

The Bachelor’s degree course comprises 6 semesters. Students have the opportunity to gain special knowledge in an optional-compulsory module complex during their 4th and 5th semester, according to their inclinations. The following modules are available for selection:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Surface technology

In the 6th semester the Bachelor project takes place, which includes the practice-module and the Bachelor’s thesis.


Minimum unit for studying in each course of study is the seminar group. Depending on the number of students per matrical, two or three seminar groups per degree course are formed. While seminars only take place in the framework of their individual number of students, seminar groups are centralized only in the lectures. Internships and laboratory tutorials in all technical disciplines are performed in small groups, depending on task and number of available seats. This ensures that the students themselves can become active while working on their laboratory works. There is a close contact between the faculty and students. Lectures, seminars and internships can be found in the individual modules, which contain 5 credits each and which will be completed at the end of the semester by sitting for a module examination.


Information about admission, German language courses , costs of living as well as the application form are available at our web page: 

Applications for this programme may be submitted through the International Office.

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