Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering

Faculty Engineering Sciences
Course of studies Mechanical Engineering
Degree Bachelor
Academic degree Bachelor of Engineering
Start Winter semester
Regular study period 6 Semesters
Further qualification Mechanical Engineering (Dipl.-Ing. (FH))
Mechanical Engineering (M.Eng.)
Category Engineering Sciences
Study fields Digital product development
Resource-efficient manufacturing technology
Laser and surface technology
Type of study full-time studies
Course language german
Admission restriction No
Tuition No
Credits 180
Accredited Yes  /  Information on accreditation
Application portal Online application


Turbo start in mechanical engineering: Specialized knowledge in three years.

At Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, you use modern laboratories and the best equipment to become active yourself instead of just cramming theory. In small groups, you will learn exactly the theory that matters in lectures from professors with industrial experience and lecturers with practical experience. You take this knowledge with you to the labs and seminars, where you apply it directly.

Our goal is to give you a head start in your career while you are still in your bachelor's degree program. Thus, you can choose from four future-oriented specializations in the mechanical engineering program at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, which other universities only offer in the master's program, if at all.

The typical Mittweida cooperative development project also gives you an advantage: For three semesters, you develop your own product with your fellow students: from the initial idea to the finished sample as a student research and development department.

Career prospects

No matter how uncertain the future may seem - the right mechanical engineering degree is more than just a safe bet.

Climate change, energy transition, resource efficiency - the challenges that industry is currently facing and will face in the coming decades are immense. One thing is already certain: Mechanical and plant engineering will change significantly.

Anyone who is now wondering whether a career in mechanical engineering will still have a future at all can rest assured. For young engineers, the future looks more than promising: There are already around 60,000 unfilled positions in Germany today, and demand continues to rise. If you are considering spending a few years or your whole life abroad - whether in America, Asia, Africa or Australia - engineers who have studied in Germany are in demand all over the world.

Nevertheless, you should not study "anything", but the right thing. It is important to acquire precisely those competencies and skills during your studies that will give you an advantage in the rapid development of industry. This is precisely the goal of the mechanical engineering program at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, from the bachelor's degree through the diploma or master's degree to a possible doctorate. 


Your future. Your studies. Our support for your interest.

You don't know yet exactly in which field you want to work? Then the bachelor's degree program in mechanical engineering at HSMW is just right for you, because we structure it differently than other universities.

To make it easier for you to get started, your studies in Mittweida start with the basic internship in the classic mechanical engineering disciplines. Here you will learn a variety of practical skills within three weeks. With this understanding, the theory becomes much more comprehensible.

Overall, the first year of study is an orientation phase: While you deal with the fundamentals of science and engineering, you gain an insight into the whole range of mechanical engineering - and find out what really interests you before you choose your individual specialization from four offers:

  • Digital Product Development: Development work is now largely done virtually. Digital methods such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) become your specialty.
  • Laser technology and surface technology: Wear and corrosion protection ensure a long life for your product. You make it possible with laser technology and innovative coatings.
  • Resource-efficient Manufacturing technology: Using less material not only protects the environment. It can also save immense costs. You make sure that the products can still withstand the stresses and strains.
  • Micromobility: E-)scooters and (cargo) bikes are changing our mobility. You improve them constructively or develop new applications to do without cars.

Very important: Don't be afraid of math! The core of the mechanical engineering program is technology. And even if you need help - you can always get it from us! 

Application and admission


Please register here: As soon as you have transmitted all forms and supporting documents, you can enrol. Your enrolment certificate reliably grants you a place at the university.

You can study at the Hochschule Mittweida:

  • with a general matriculation standard
  • with a subject-related entrance qualification (according to the subject)
  • with an advanced technical college certificate.

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